Sunday, December 30, 2007

The System

Grades, stars, or other forms of rating systems for films are too broad and narrow-minded to accurately influence a viewer to see or not see a certain movie. As one who is passionate about all films, good or bad, and love any genre, I believe critiques are only opinions, and the best way to view a film is to be without pre-conceived expectations. But, because passion differs from preference, and for the benefit of my readers, I'll implement a make-shift rating system. I want all my readers to see as many movies as they can, but if you want an opinion (not a bottom-line) than take my rating with a grain of salt AS you watch, not as a reason TO (or not to) watch. Instead of stars, or grades, which are too general, I am going to use words.

Starting from the bottom, a movie that doesn't quite accomplish what it aimed to and probably has acting and a storyline to match, are the QUESTIONABLES. Next up are the films that have a lot of great qualities in them, like acting, or story, or music, etc, but they are either boring, extreme, or bland. We'll call them the ALMOSTS. In the middle is where most movies probably fall, as they are entertaining stories, solid roles with good acting, and a wide range of audiences will enjoy it. Appropriately, I believe, we'll call them WORTH IT. Moving to the higher end, I'll introduce the MUST-SEE category. These movies are everything of the 'worth it' films, but they have a sparkle, something extra, that makes them great. They carry deep stories, involve complex characters, and leave their mark. Lastly, are the PHENOMENALS. These movies deserve Oscars, they deserve acclaim, they accomplish what great movies should. They compel audiences, drive home transcendent themes, tell unique tales, exemplify star performance and use music, scenery, and costume as imperative tools in the execution of their masterpiece. ***Although I use the word phenomenal a lot to describe films I am passionate about, it does not mean it falls in this category.

Enjoy the system... but don't miss out on great flicks

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