Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Oscar Race is On

It's my favorite time of year again... when going to the movies is not a hobby or an interest, but an actual priority, and part of the ultimate challenge - to see as many as possible before the awards are passed out. In my own opinion, I think its a pretty cool feat to say you've seen everything. It makes me feel important in the film world. But there is something else to be said to feel like your opinion is justified come Oscar-time... Something to be said for knowing just why Penelope is always nominated, or why period pieces most often win for costumes. I feel like a part of the Academy, in the know, and attached, in some way, to the overall results. I certainly don't always predict the winners (and this of course would be because the wrong ones won!) and I have yet to see most any of the short films (and rarely all of the foreigns), but I still press on, jumping into a theatre as often as I can, rearranging my Netflix queue so that what is no longer in theatres will come to my mailbox, clearing my schedule and yes, determining priorities.

So far I have done well in preparing for this time of year. I've seen Up, Up in the Air, Avatar, and some of the other big nominees. I even got lucky and already saw A Single Man (review to come) and Nine (also a review to come!). Hope you're all ready to follow me on my 4-week journey through Hollywood. I look forward to hearing your opinions on the nominees! What have you seen? What do you hope to see carry home a statue on March 7th?

I'll admit up front that I am cheering for Avatar, but also Nine and Up in the Air. As I see more, I'll keep you posted!