Friday, November 19, 2010

Morning Glory

MUST-SEE: (Roger Michell) If there was ever any doubt that Rachel McAdams was America’s new sweetheart, Morning Glory bids it farewell forever. She plays Becky Fuller, an energetic, hopeful and undeniably adorable new executive producer, taking the reigns of a dying morning show to desperately try and breathe life back into its dysfunctional, yet lovable, TV family. She struggles to balance the stress of work with the threat of losing her reputation, at the same time doing her best to fall in love (with “smokin’” Patrick Wilson, no less). And not only does she run the show, she does it alongside movie powerhouses Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.

Keaton plays morning show favorite Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) and her new (disgruntled) co-host, is Harrison Ford playing Mike Pomeroy. Keaton’s Peck does anything she can to stay on top (including practicing a diva attitude) while Ford’s Pomeroy is less than enthusiastic about his new gig and not abashed to show it. Egos collide for a comical moshpit of monosyllabic news bits and cheesy community coverage, everyone fighting the battle of news versus entertainment.

It’s any executive producer’s nightmare—left third in command behind egotistical anchors, but somehow Fuller steers the chaos into something worth saving. McAdams is funny and real, irresistible as the lead and powerful enough to carry this film up and over its conflict, leaving its story melting in our hearts forever. You’ll leave wanting to follow your own dreams, and kick up your heels doing it. Romantic comedy pro Roger Michell pulls out all the stops for this roller coaster ride of cuteness that just escapes a chic flick label and instead takes its place in a long line of soon-to-be classics we’ll be watching again and again.