Monday, April 16, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction: Not your typical Ferrell

WORTH-IT: (Marc Forster) This is a quiet movie. Writer Karen Eiffel, a worn-out Emma Thompson, narrates the life of Harold Crick, an independent and dedicated Will Ferrell. Movie-goers should first and foremost throw out your previous Ferrell opinions- whether it be you like him or not, because this is a step in the opposite direction for him. After clearing your mind of these predispositions, you will most likely enjoy the film. It provides an entertaining romp through the "last" days of Crick's life, as narrated by Eiffel. Humor surfaces often, the characters grow and change, and the story is unpredictable. I will admit it is slow, but that speed comes with an aesthetic flair in this film, as the slow passage of time reflects the monotony of Crick's life, Eiffel's struggle with writer's block, and the pangs of waiting for time to pass. Essentially, the story is all about waiting: waiting for ideas, waiting for the bus, and waiting for your death. But the beauty of it is that through the waiting, you might discover a life you weren't expecting, and then time may pass too quickly. I enjoyed this movie, and recommend it to ones who want a solid entertainment, easy on the mind, and simple for the emotions, yet fantastic in story-telling. (As for comparison to Forster's other work... Finding Neverland remains my favorite)

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