Monday, June 25, 2007

Catch Me If You Can

WORTH-IT: I think this movie was overlooked by the world. I remember when it came out, but for some reason, I wasn't excited to see it, and as a result, never did. Until this weekend. And after watching it as a way to pass time during an 11-hour car-ride, I think I may have underestimated it's worth! First of all, Leo, Hanks, and Walken deserve to be watched, no matter the film. Especially when they exist together, how could I have not seen it earlier? Despite that, I am recommending everyone who hasn't to see it now! It's a great story, based on true events, about a teenager travelling under several false identities, as numerous career-men, creating and cashing false checks, and getting rich to avenge his father's trouble with the IRS. The story is simple, yet intriguing. The characters are believable and interesting. To be honest, the plot never leaves you on the edge of your seat, but propels you forward sans any boredom or monotony. Each new identity entertains the audience and flushes out Leo's character more and more. We see him as a naive teen, a mature pilot, and a cunning young man. The costume and absurdity of his plight holds your interest, and that it's true keeps you partially on his side. The bottom line here is that this film satisfies a need for cops and robbers entertainment we never see in such frank simplicity. Set in the fifties/sixties, the novelty is the ignorance of the old-fashioned American way, and the clincher is the irony alongside its education.

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