Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Mighty Heart: A Mighty Story

MUST-SEE: This is an extremely well-made film depicting the true account of the kidnapping and beheading of Wall Street Journalist, Daniel Pearl. The story is told in a series of bustling camera-shots taking us along the in-depth search through Pakistan, and at home where Mariann Pearl and the team worked to solve the kidnapping. Jolie plays Mariann honestly and strongly. She becomes a character we not only sympathize for, but actually respect, admire, and envy for her strong heart and self-less emotion. The film paints her as one who was concerned with the world's well-being, as she constantly reiterated that she was not the only one suffering. She reminds us much about terrorism in her refusal to be 'terrorized.' As the tension heightens, up to the moment when the group discovers Pearl was dead, Mariann remains the glue, the encouragement, and the motivation for the room. Undoubtedly, you will not leave this film untouched. Her story (while pregnant) cannot be ignored. Her 'mighty heart' cannot be dismissed. The film accomplishes the goal of placing the audience into the drama. Yes, what happened post-911 was tragic, but the genuine heart-wrench we are unable to feel during a loss we are physically untouched by is captured here. You become part of the story. You become one of the ones touched. The tragedy becomes real.

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