Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited: Limited Flaw

MUST-SEE: (Andersen) I am just beginning to familiarize myself with Andersen's work, but this being my third exposure, I must say, he continues to impress, never fails to entertain and humor, and rarely wastes our time. With Darjeeling, Andersen dives right into the story, placing us with three grieving brothers on board a crowded Indian train known as the Darjeeling Limited. Recovering from the loss of their father and the disappearance of their mother, the bros are summoned by (Owen Wilson) Francis to reunite and reaffirm their brotherhood through a spiritual itinerary throughout India. The brothers do more than spar, as Francis resorts to hiding passports to keep either from leaving, Peter (Adrien Brody) accidentally releases a deadly snake into the cabin and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) mourns his love (Natalie Portman) to the point of shattering her perfume on the floor. Andersen's side-glanced humor flourishes with the eccentric relationship the brothers share, making the entire film's audacity seem hilarious. The family values moral creeps into each scene, giving Andersen's comedy some genuine credibility. It pleases the eye with an aesthetic touch on the dusty floor of the country, draws on the senses with the food and drink, and overall, Darjeeling succeeds in touching numerous emotion. I laughed, I sympathized, I hoped, and I feared. But most of all, I reiterate that I laughed. Treat yourself to this whimsy flick that should satisfy your funny bone and your heart.

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