Tuesday, January 22, 2008

27 Dresses

WORTH-IT: For anyone needing a dose of that stereotypical feel-good, light-hearted, predictable romance, 27 Dresses will meet your demands. Kathrine Heigl's latest proves to meet every chick-flick standard, making it successful among that genre's critics and appeasing to women everywhere. Sure you would expect notable films to contain off the chart variation from the usual routine of girl finds boy and goes through heartbreak before realizing it is her true love. But Dresses finds peace in being the satisfying piece of predictability that will make women happy and peaceful, swooning at the closest thing to romance around. Heigl proves she is out to be the next America's sweetheart, as her role finds empathy in the lives of most women, but practices ignorant cynicism despite her willingness to participate in hundreds of weddings all year long. To speak for the film's humor, every ounce of a wedding's planning is shed in a new ridiculous light, letting past bridesmaids relieve their stress in laughter and wedding cynics to laugh along too. The entire movie's success is built to the hands-down best scene where crossed match, James Marsden and Heigl sing Benny and the Jets from atop a nowhere bar so well they're recognized at breakfast. It'll draw laughter and a relaxing breath for the appreciation of absolute ridiculousness in life's toughest situations. Clearly, this movie won't be for everyone. Yes, it is a happy and predictable story, but for those wanting something deeper, something that makes you think, don't search for it here. If you do go see it, settle in for a feel-good made to keep you believing in happy endings.

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Lindsay said...

I totally agree!!!! Your review could not have been written better for this movie. It does make you think back to all those hideous bridesmaid addresses that your supposed friends picked out for you to wear!