Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 Days in Paris

WORTH-IT: (Julie Delpy) 2 Days in Paris, also starring Delpy, is the predictable and endearing tale of two lovers meant for each other but who can't commit to a future together. Jack, played by the hairy Adam Goldberg, a paranoid, jealous and hypochondriac man is thrown into the French culture of his half-blind but not half as naive girlfriend, Marion. The couple spends two days with Delpy's family as an ending to their trip in Italy. Marion's family's raw acceptance of sexuality and love puts Jack on his toes and in suspicion of his girlfriend's questionable past. The film is a snapshot of the couple's most precious moments throughout the uneasy setting of culture clash and awkward encounters with Marion's numerous exes. Expect to laugh at the absurdity of these characters, how they poke fun to draw laughter out of discomfort, and how romance is easily forgotten with concerns for hygeine and politics. The anti-glamour that Delpy reveals in the relationship of these two not only serves as a wake-up for those brainwashed by typical love stories, but places them in a realistic state, refreshing the stereotype of true love. It isn't always a happy ending, even in Paris for these two, but it is always a test to stand the hard times when you realize missing another moment with this person would break you forever. This film surpirsed me with its ability to draw the audience into the characters almost immeidately. The secret is the dialogue. It watches like a good book reads: quick and natural, never skipping a beat of reality or personality. 2 Days in Paris places you in the action and in the emotion from the beginning, so expect it to fly by, expect to laugh more than anything, but mostly brace yourself for the heartfelt moral of learning to love for good.

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danny said...

so, you didn't say anything about how much this is like the linklater series Before Sunrise/Before Sunset. But maybe they're not that much alike, maybe I just think so b/c they both star Delpy and are both about walking around in Europe and talking about relationships.