Monday, March 10, 2008

Night at the Museum

WORTH-IT: (Shawn Levy) Usually Ben Stiller promises a laughable comedy when he appears as the face of a trailer. And when you add other faces, like Owen Wilson and Robin Williams, the comedy becomes more convincing. And finally, with surprise cameos from classics Mickey Rooney and Dick van Dyke, you know the film cannot fail. Night at the Museum is an entertaining, eye popping movie, created to visually please and mentally satisfy a curiosity of imagination many of us left behind at the age of 12. The same adventure that one thought would derive from spending the night in a department store comes to life in a bigger way at the Museum of Natural History. Ben Stiller, a financially desperate single dad, takes on the competitive job as the museum's nightgaurd. Warned by veteran gaurds, Van Dyke and Rooney, Stiller straps on his keys and falshlight, blowing off their aged opinions. But, much to his disbelief, a mysetrious change works its way through the museum's exhibitions. What starts as the disappearance of the T-Rex skeleton quickly turns into an all-out resurrection of historical icons. Faced with now the even bigger job of keeping order among centuries of quarreling civilizations, Stiller must brush up on history, impress his son, and maintain his job all before the sun rises and the hallways revealing nothing of the mystery beneath the museum's glass. Seeing this film is well worth the Saturday/Sunday morning hours it takes to watch. The combination of humor is flawless, the script witty and fresh, and the characters unbelievably charismatic. The tone easily appeals to a wide audience, as the animals and adventures reflect children's dreams and adults' fond memories. Don't skip out on this flick. Without a doubt, you'll laugh and appreciate the wild adventure awaiting you afert the sun goes down.

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