Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Made of Honor

ALMOST: (Paul Wieland) What appears as a match made in heaven, that is McDreamy as the next Romantic Comedy man, is easily lost to stereotypical chick flick in Made of Honor. First and foremost, the fact that this film is simply a rip off and gender switch of the classic My Best Friends Wedding is just the icing on the wedding cake in this scenario. This story brings us stereotypical guy mottoes, feigning bridesmaids and romantic and over-the-top advances in an equally unrealistic storyline. Take Michelle Monagan's assertive, intelligent and mature Sarah, who in the blink of three weeks is engaged to a randar she meets on the road in Scotland. Where did that character flip take place? And where is it justified? The answer is in whatever explains Dempsey's character to trust the bitch bridesmaid out for his lucky position to hire an exotic sex toy educator to preach her ways and hand out Thunder beads at a wedding shower. It's all simply outrageous. But to be fair, and before you cast this one out... Isn't that what makes a good chick flick worth it? As women, we know we see these films to satisfy the truly unrealistic yearn we all have for what we watch. It's an escape, a fantasy, and a break from the droning rigmarole that awaits us outside the theatre. And in Made of Honor, we get a cherry on top with McDreamy as the star, and a humor-packed script. Save this film for a girls' night and the need for some good quality cheesy romance. Don;t disregard it for measuring up to its reputation. When compared, it's funny, entertaining, and perfectly predictable.

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Katie said...

I've only seen 2 movies listed on your blog. But this was not my favorite either. Just wanted you to know.