Monday, June 9, 2008

Sex and the City

MUST SEE: (Michael Patrick King) LOVE THIS FILM! For someone who never watched SATC as a TV Series, this film completely roped me in and entertained for its two hour span, leaving me wishing for more and hoping for infinity. Combine that with the world's biggest product-placement movie and the world's most popular NYC women, and you've got a everyone pleaser. The story is fresh, despite a decade-old series. The humor is unending, and pertaining to all audiences. The moral is simple, unbiased and sooo believable. It is the first happy movie I have seen (and liked) in a long while. How much I enjoyed it actually surprised me, but I urge you to give it a chance. Yes, expect some raw sex, but know that it is in spurts and never in a fashion that makes you uncomfortable. Yes, expect lots of attention on cool cell phones, ridiculous outfits and sparkly shoes, but admit it makes you drool and enjoy the free (well, $10) fashion show. Plus, seeing this film gives you a glimpse of the fabulous Jennifer Hudson, playing a realistic role that adds credibility to the NY crowd. Plus, she is always a treat and proves her Oscar was only the beginning. The bottom line is this film captures the essence of a great film. It carries a love story, a heartbreak, a girls night out, a NYC fantasy, humor, realism and raw entertainment for a long two hours that will keep you hoping each fade out frame doesn't bring an ending. And when that end did come for me, I could only hope for another. Bravo.

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Katie said...

I've also seen this one.