Thursday, December 4, 2008

Iron Man

MUST-SEE: (Jon Favreau) This movie is perfect for any audience. It's awesome! (to be simple) I think that is what makes it such a "must-see." It combines action, humor, fantasy and good morale into one hulking man of steel... Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, president of Stark Enterprises, a company currently responsible for an explosives raid through small African villages. Kidnapped and held hostage by one of the foreign warlords, Stark is under the ultimatum to build them a bomb or die. Instead, he builds an un-stoppable man of steel, running on an unique power-source and taking out anything in its way. Stark escapes the prison and returns home with a new business plan: protect the world, don't destroy it. With the help of his techno-savvy robot and just plain savvy assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Stark perfects his iron man and takes on the destroyers. Even as a 24-year-old, the film makes you googli-eyed for superheros, immediately wishing for your own special talent, or ingenious creativity in this case. I mean, this guy can fly, he can take any hit, blow things up, not to mention he has millions of dollars, several sports cars and a house with a personality. Not much gets better. Maybe that is why this film's hint at a greater picture makes us excited again about a possible superhuman alliance. It's light, yet intriguing, adventurous, but with purpose. Here's to hoping the SHIELD succeeds (in theory and in theatres). That said, see this before you see The Incredible Hulk, or so I have heard...

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