Monday, February 9, 2009


WORTH-IT: (Andrew Stanton) Hard not to expect great things from the man who brought us Finding Nemo and A Bug's Life, and he does nothing but meet those expectations with more impossibly adorable, environmentally aware animated creatures. WALL-E is the story of a trash compacting robot, left on earth long after life has ceased to exist on the planet. For over 700 years, he has gone about his business alone, uninterrupted until the arrival of a suspicious new fangled robot named Eve, a robot sent from the "new" Earth to test the old planet's ability to support life. With the cutest animatronic voices, you find yourself rooting for this pair from the beginning, ignorant to the lack of "real" people and anxious to see more. Their journey takes us to the new Earth where they fight for the return of human life to a forgotten planet. It's a gentle way to encourage green living, and mildly reputing people for not taking responsibility for playing their part to protect the planet. With extreme solutions illustrating the potential detriment our lack of concern may lead to, this story inspires garden planting, enjoying the outdoors and of course, picking up your trash. A catchy song helps drive the point home, Down to Earth, by asking "do you feel tricked by the future you picked?" It calls out the human negligence and in turn celebrates the earth for what it is and can aspire to be. A truly heartwarming fable, WALL-E deserves nothing less than its Oscar nod. Perfect for everyone in your family, or all of your friends. Enjoy!

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