Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Dark Knight

MUST-SEE: (Christopher Nolan) As a Batman newcomer, my first impression is that The Dark Knight is my favorite Batman ever. So, of course that comes with a grain of salt, but it's true. Never before (in any movie really) has such an intelligently detailed plot been truly spotlighted by its brilliant performance of a cast in such a way that the tremendous special effects and digitography are almost moot. Fortunately, this film acquires just this perfection--a spectacular mix of good writing, acting, filming and editing--a movie-maker's dream, and a film-watcher's Heaven. Christian Bale reprises his role at Bruce Wayne poignantly and salty. He shows us the dark side of Batman while remaining an infinite fan favorite. Maggie Gyllenhaal (thankfully) takes over the role of Rachel Dawes, juicing up the flat female role, giving her spunk and flair. And Heath Ledger truly shines, in what is with no question his best role ever-played. Tossing any past Joker in the can, Ledger's character is deeply disturbed, yet frighteningly enlightened, his clown-esque persona a nightmare mixed with far out hallucination. He creates a recipe for madness amongst Gotham City and automatically serves as The Dark Knight's central player. Even Aaron Eckhart (playing a barely conceived Two-Face) makes his name known as the public figure, Harvey Dent. The summation is extraordinary. The picture is beyond entertaining, and quickly The Dark Knight has earned both an unforgettable reputation and the classification of a watch-it-over-and-over-again movie. A true blockbuster with absolute beyond-Hollywood credentials.

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