Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tinker Bell

WORTH-IT: (Bradley Raymond) For anyone that enjoys Disney classics (and this director has done 4 of them), you might as well keep the fairytale alive and see all of the sequels . Most are a fine justification to the original and actually exactly what the doctor ordered for a story that you just can't let go of. For me, that is Peter Pan (and it was also Aladdin). Tinker Bell is the story of Tink--how she came to be and what her fairyness really means. For instance, did you know she was born out of a dew drop? And that once she was born she was intrinsically meant to be one particular kind of fairy (including five played by Angelica Houston, Raven Symone, Lucy Liu, America Ferrera and-wah!-Jesse McCartney). I won't ruin J.M. Barrie's continuation for all of you about to put it on your queue, but she is good at tinkering! Watch her add her special talent to a world of fairy magic, all who claim responsibility for our changing of seasons. Clearly this film won't satisfy the lot. But if you enjoy Tinkerbell and have always wondered more about our silent glittery friend alongside Peter Pan, then catch this one. It's magical and warm and honestly, it's hard to say anything bad about a perfectly made for 5-8 year olds cartoon :) Enjoy!

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Lauren said...

I'm confused on how someone 'directs' an animated film. I can see it now..."Oy, Tink. Great shot, but this time you want to really be longing to find Peter Pan. And Peter, remember to wait until Tink says her lines before you fly away from the Lost Boys camp."