Monday, April 27, 2009

Vicky Christina Barcelona

MUST-SEE: (Woody Allen) Bravo to this stupendous film! Penelope Cruz, who never disappoints me, enters this film and 100% steals the show--much to my satisfaction (and her own, Congrats on the statue). Her rapido Spanish eloquently fills in the lines of a love story much unlike anything in the eyes and/or experience of a traditional sap. Take two American grads, on the summer vacation of a lifetime, living free (literally) in Spain before their real lives begin. One is a sane, rational and engaged practical played by Rebecca Hall (The Prestige) and her best friend (and counter personality) is Scarlett Johanssen, playing her God-given roll as the seductress--this time paired with qualities such as "dreamer" and "muse." She and Hall's girlfriends both find themselves in the middle of a whacked-out love triangle, or in this case, maybe more like a rhombus, as the lines often sway. Penelope is wildly appealing as a mentally disturbed ex-wife. Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) juggles multiple women with such aire and nonchalance that his bowl-cut killer is long forgotten. His voice has a dark chocolate milk quality to it that both soothes and intrigues, easily placing him as the master of the fiery trio in this story. The film is fun, quirky and a little abstract, but proves life is lived at its utmost when you can forget yourself for a minute. Vicky Christina opens new doors and illustrates a fascinating liberation that our brilliant Woody Allen executes in uniquely romanticized ways.


Ann-Marie said...

Vicky Christina Barcelona is the quintessential escape for a movie. The "relationships" depicted in the movie are clearly unrealistic, but yet still engaging and thoroughly entertaining. The balance between crazy love, broken hearts, and nonchalance carry you through their lives and left me on the edge of my seat. I was pleasantly surprised by Scarlett Johanssen's acting in this movie. She showed a true ability to act alongside Penelope Cruz, who always impresses. Her ability to act as though she is just living her life will never cease to impress me.

LeslieAnne said...

I'm so glad you gave this a good review. I was trying to decide if I wanted to add it to my queue. I didn't know anyone who had seen it.