Monday, June 29, 2009

The Changeling

MUST-SEE: (Clint Eastwood) Readers forgive me, I saw this film months ago and let it slip under the rug of priorities last fall. But that slip should not be taken as a sign that this film was anything short of brilliance. Clint Eastwood directs a story by J. Michael Straczynski that illustrates a mother's love for her son and a corrupt government's self-dug grave. Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins, a single, working mother who loses her son and given a replacement to glorify the LAPD's apt problem solving skills. What the greater public doesn't realize is that she is also given a scolding to adopt the new child as her previous, because he is obviously not the same boy. As the audience, you are left thinking, WHAT?! Outlandish. Tragic. Impossible. But, the reality hits hard that our government acted this way, and our women were treated this way. Cocky, boisterous personalities are revealed for their insecurities and short-comings. Foolishness is shed in a new light. Even though it's been almost a year since I have seen this flick, I remember being touched by this exact sense: that something so horrid could have been passed (or attempted to pass) as normalcy. This truly frightening story that was one woman's reality. It's every parent's nightmare, but it's also a universal threat of what we (as a people) almost were, but thanks to one outspoken pastor (played by John Malkovich), we aren't. Eastwood flawlessly illustrates the worst of human nature and the best of our country's morale, and holds your heart in the palm of his hand while doing so. Don't miss this one. Jolie is a gem--well-deserved of her nod. Malkovich is powerful. And the story is true. (Enter, chills).


katie said...

just have to say, even though angelina did a great job and deserved to be nominated, this was the longest movie- i got bored because it was so long and slow at points... still a good flick though.

Ann-Marie Pouns said...

Throughout the movie, I shared Jolie's feeling of being completely helpless. Every attempt she made to cry out to anyone and everyone around her was seen as lunacy. Her cries were turned on her. The government labeled her as crazy and she was left with no hope and no voice. Her reality is a mother's nightmare, but I admire her hope, determination, and drive to find her son.