Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Encounters at the End of the World

WORTH-IT: (Werner Herzog) Worth seeing for nature lovers and eco-gurus, Encounters is a beautiful glimpse into "real life" in Antarctica. Herzog takes us on a journey into the lives of several individuals making their living at The South Pole, from plumbers and bus drivers, to scientists and artists. There people who study penguins, underwater photographers, volcanic experts. Bottom line is, whatever you may have imagined life to be on the bottom of the world, a place once called "uninhabitable," there is never a dull moment in the vast winter wonderland that is Anarctica. Nominated for an Oscar, this documentary is certainly fascinating, educational and often inspiring. Where it does move slow throughout some of the deeper scientifics, the utter beauty that exists in a constantly changing and untouched land is incomparable and unforgettable. Almost 2 hours long, it flies by, as your eyes settle in trance to the easy tones of Herzog's narrating and the awesome grandeur of the giant icy continent. Although Herzong tends to stand his ground on an eco-hugging pedestal, its easy to ignore his distaste and instead, empathize with his wonder. All in all, a wonderful piece of work, enjoyable and educational. If that's your usual cup of tea - you National Geographic Channel nerds - this one is definitely for you!

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