Sunday, January 10, 2010


PHENOMENAL: (James Cameron) Everyone should see this film. Everyone. Aside from the fact that it is an epic tree-hugging love story comparable to Ferngully on steroids (thanks for that Reed), this film is a landmark in American cinema. In 1939, The Wizard of Oz was the first movie to hit theatres in color. Well, if you'd been around then (or maybe you were) to say you saw it, wouldn't you choose to have had that hand in history? So, for that monumental reason, everyone should see this film. With that out of the way, potential audiences, rest easy... This movie is phenomenal. And not just by Film Reviews by Jenni standards... Avatar is bonafide adjective worthy of my favorite vocabulary word. Writer/Director/(Genius) James Cameron introduces us to a futuristic U.S. colony hovering over a newly discovered planet of energy-rich flora and fauna that would improve life on Earth. The problem is that the inhabitants are hostile and the U.S. military are impatient. A small group of scientists aboard the Earth ship are out to befriend the people of this new planet, despite the orders of the military. By creating avatars of themselves, they can approach the people on the new planet (giant, blue-skinned, agile creatures), learning and interacting firsthand. Longstory short, the military arm of Earth's colony doesn't care about relationships or this planet's eco-system, out only for the natural resources and preparing for war if it doesn't happen soon. Are you seeing Ferngully? From here, its 3 hours of beautiful colors, textures, sounds and emotions all working together for the utmost cinematic experience thanks to the masterful hands of Cameron's crew. The fact that this film is in 3D makes your forget the movie theatre chair, never once acknowledging that its in 3D... (No roller coaster rides or flying objects). You're pretty much just inside the screen. So much so, that once the film is over, you almost believe in the blue people, or if not that severe, its like waking up from dream and shaking yourself back into what you know should be reality. The film is clever. Its emotional and fast-paced. No storyline is sacrificed for special effects and the acting shines, despite animation. I can't say enough about Avatar. Its the most mesmerizing piece of creativity I've seen on a movie screen, ever. Don't miss out.


Tim Rondeau said...

I am a little surprised. You threw out a lot of superlative adjectives for a movie with such quotes (from IMDB) as :
If there is a hell you might wanna go there for some R&R after a tour on Pandora.
This was the big speech?!:
And you fly now, with me, my brothers, sisters! And we will show the Sky People that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this... This is our land!
I admit that it was entertaining, and a better overall movie than I expected. Still, every major plot point was predictable and the dialogue was not exactly Tarantino-esque. I didn't think it had nearly enough for a phenomenal rating that has only been seen six times in the 30 months you've been blogging.

Lelia said...

I couldn't shake Ferngully from my head while watching this either! Love your reviews my Jenni!