Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Young Victoria

WORTH-IT: (Jean-Marc Vallee) From the perspective of someone who swoons over a good period peice, The Young Victoria is a story very worth seeing. Although incomparable to Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and lacking the instensity of Pride & Prejudice, it nonetheless impresses. Beginning with a chronological log of Victoria, circa age 5. She is a young girl, destined for royalty but hidden from soceity out of parental selfishness for the crown, and fear for safety amongst countless other selfish names. Faced with countless hurdles to claim her place, Victoria must learn the trade before entrusting others to guide her--a feat easily assumed, but much less ensued. Emily Blunt plays the vibrant, determined young princess (and queen) adept in Victoria's essence of youthful enthusiasm and rock solid pride. Not often do we get to see Blunt take her characters to a place like she does here. Its a pleasant journey and entertaining to watch. Director Vallee sets the stage for a subtle, yet undeniable chemistry between Blunt and Rupert Friend. Friend plays the young Prince Albert, sent to win Victoria's heart for the reputation of his territory, but inevitably finds his own heart swept away. His gentle and timid spirit proved turnkey to the film's attractiveness. Friend and Blunt crept into a romance packed with emotion, passion and sophistication so seamlessly, that by the end, you have only just realized your own heartstrings were along for the ride. The film, only dusting on the political side of Victoria's stressed first years, is at bottom-line, a romance. Its a story of dedication and loyalty highlighted with the strength of love and trust. Don't expect a heavy helping of history, other than the subtitled summations and breathtaking cinematography, but don't mistake take for encouragement to disregard the film. No, here Blunt surely proves herself as a layered actress, making The Young Victoria most definitely worth it, and an audience, if I don't speak for myself, anxious for more.

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Ann-Marie Pouns said...

Wow! Surprised you only gave it a worth it! I loved the way her life unfolded...I fell in love with Victoria as I watched her grow up and longed for her to gain some sort of freedom. I waited for the time when she would stand up to her mother and prove herself to everyone aroud her. Although she had an enormous amount of pride I think that she slowly evolved and realized that acting out of humility would only serve her well...loves this movie!