Tuesday, March 9, 2010

82 Years of Oscars...

It's hard to describe the feelings I have after watching this year's Academy Awards show... I had high expectations (that, by reputation of the show, are rarely met) from the dynamic duo Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, or the new increased Best Picture category, and as always, I had seen a good chunk of the nominees this year, so I couldn't help but have my (strong) opinion on who should take home the gold. Steve and Alec did pull out some good lines here and there, and the pre-recorded clips had me laughing out loud. The wins were deserved, speeches were honest and humble (unless you design costumes and you "already have two" of them, or Mo'Nique's bitter stab at past winners), and some new names were added to history. The bottom line is that The Oscars are ridiculously bland, too long and extremely predictable.

Despite that, I still love them and am still obsessed, so although I won't go category by category, here's a quick recap of my feelings. Look for individual reviews in the next few days!

I love that Up won several awards. For such a happy and hopeful film, it really broke the animation boundaries, earning itself recognition outside of the drawing room. The Cove was a surprise win to me - as it was the only documentary nominated that I actually saw. I loved it, though. It moved me and was riveting to watch. Jeff Bridges is a gem - his speech made me smile, and he was certainly the best choice from that group. Mo'Nique's speech on the other hand started off spiteful towards the Academy - or was it to the past winners? Hard to say. Christoph Waltz was a shoo-in... I could watch his performance over and over. I still encourage those who love Quentin or who can handle a little violence to see Inglorious Basterds. Sandra Bullock's win was a HUGE moment. I admit, I voted for Meryl's Julia portrayal, but secretly starred Sandra. Her performance was unexpected and left me with my foot in my mouth over the shrugs I gave The Blind Side before seeing it.

On the technical side of things, I was surprised to see Avatar lose out. As I've said in my review, it's made history in film. James Cameron literally invented stuff to make this movie, which in my opinion, gives it the technicality clause to win all of these categories. With Hurt Locker winning out in the sound sections, I justified that sound wasn't actually something new in Avatar... and that surely all else would fall into place. It did, shortly, with Avatar winning for everything visual, but the surprises came when HL won out for Directing and Best Picture. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely loved The Hurt Locker. You'll read my thoughts and feelings once I can get a review out, but in short defense, I just don't see how you can ignore Cameron's genius for the sake of a good film. No matter what, in my opinion, Avatar (this millenium's Wizard of Oz) should take the cake.

On a non-film note (because, I'll admit, I love the fashion part almost as much as the awards part), Maggie G was rockin'. Sarah JP had on a potato sack and a head full of cinnamon rolls. Can we even begin to ignore the obvious "boob-cakes" on Charlize's dress? And how did Elizabeth Banks' dress keep changing colors? Cameron Diaz NEVER looks good, even here, when she decided to try the 90s on for style and sport a wasit-line meant for someone under 5'5". Demi Moore really is getting younger. And why is George Clooney growing a mullet?

So, what were your thoughts? Who did you celebrate with? Were you disappointed over anything? Looking forward to hearing it!


cheery disposition said...

Fashion-wise.. I must say that Robert Downey Jr's Wife looked AMAZING! I thought her dress was gorgeous! I also LOVED Rachel McAdams dress.

Carole Williams said...

The cable had gone out where I was planning on watching the show. I was utterly disappointed but after your synopsis, I feel somewhat encouraged. What I missed most was the red carpet show and the MCing from Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I love both of them. I was interested to see them work together though. Martin seems less vulgar than Baldwin.

I can appreciate your run-down on the show. Your taste is always impeccable! Most likely I will be quoting from your blog in conversation to keep up with those who decided ahead of time to purchase cable...