Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Heart

WORTH-IT: (Scott Cooper) I keep talking about movies that have really surprised me. I'd made a bad habit of forming opinions too early based on predictable trailers and was limiting my cinematic exposure in doing so. But, with all the flicks thus far that I keep saying that about, I've really got to kick that. Crazy Heart was one I was anything but excited to see. The preview made it look like The Wrestler (which I loathed) and it was all about country music (another thing I hate). Throwing Jeff Bridges into the mix did even more of nothing for me... Sorry guys, he's just way before my time. So, with all my low expectations, sure enough, the reviews came in, and it was the movie to see. Critics claimed Bridges was "unbelievable" and Maggie Gyllenhaal had a sure-fire nom come Oscar time. The more I heard, the more curious I became, and actually will admit that when I did make it to the theater, I really was feeling pretty apt anticipation.

Well, it fulfilled the media-ensued expectations. Bridges was incredible, making a sad, hopeless man into an endearing protagonist. Despite that I have never seen him in a movie (I know, I know, I have work to do) he immediately won me over an had my vote for his Oscar nom. Maggie G. (my #1 girl) tagged along perfectly, bringing an otherwise minor role to life as a bright-eyed yet weathered, young reporter. An unlikely match on-screen, the duo make this relationship believable and genuine--one you root for knowing full-well what's actually good for them.

Even the music was pretty noteworthy. Despite a questionable choice in casting Colin Farrell as the up and coming music star (I mean, really. Colin Farrell will never pass as a country music star. Never. It was painful and hilarious all at the same time.), the music they wrote for this film sticks with you. It's universally just good music, something that I can imagine myself listening to with all the windows down, blah blah and all that stereotypical shit. But, it's not shit - it was impressive, unique, enjoyable and something I'll definitely download to keep enjoying it.

I urge everyone to put this on your list to see. Music-lovers, it's a no-brainer. Everyone else, it's actually a well-told story and a damn good movie so don't pass it up.


Tim Rondeau said...

Never seen a Jeff Bridges movie? You better put The Big Lebowski at the top of your queue then. I thought we saw Door in the Floor together also. If not, then you should check that out too.

Jenni Williams said...

Done! And, I forgot he was in Iron Man... so, although that probably isn't something that anyone thinks about Jeff Bridges in, technically I lied.