Friday, April 2, 2010

An Education

MUST-SEE: (Lone Scherfig) This has to be one of my top picks from the list of Oscar noms this year. An Education is a superb story about a mature young woman intellectually polished and preparing for Harvard, yet unsatisfied with what the world at present has to offer. But Jenny's vanilla perspective of the world all begins to shift when she is charmed by the dapper (and much older) David, who opens up doors for her to experience the world's culture of fun music, rare arts and constant travel. To Jenny, this is what she's been waiting for, and inevitably, this is what tempts her to teeter from what Harvard studies could yield her versus how life experience would entertain her. She dives head first into this new, "officially mature" life, surprisingly blessed by her parents (although shunned by her educators), to get the most out of every day. The film is funny and real, innocent, yet wise, and touching to the point of teary eyes. Carey Mulligan creates Jenny to grab at your spirit, forcing you in and out of the story and convicted along with her decisions. She is convincing and ravishing, blowing your mind as she transforms easily from drab and conservative 16-year old to poised and elegant woman-of-the-world. The story hits ups and downs, but is never dull. In the end, you'll leave uplifted, reassured and entertained. Don't miss this quirky piece - a raw life lesson and educational romance.

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