Friday, May 27, 2011


MUST-SEE: (Mike Mills) There is no better advice than to see a film with no prior expectations. Just that mindset led me into Beginners with a simple and curious intelligence and in turn, wrapped me up in a snuggly blanket of emotion, love and tenderness so complex that it simultaneously left me hurting and happy. The story is that of a budding relationship between father and son, only occurring much later in both of their lives and not until the father has come out of the closet. His ability to love and speak about love, and therefore teach love, erupts from within deeply altering his son’s life as he’d tried to live it. That familial love story mirrors many variations on the emotion throughout the film, touching any viewer with a genuinely good story. Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer have instant chemistry, easily believable as a quirky pair just getting to know each other, despite an already existent and unconditional love. Writer/Director Mike Mills writes this one to cheer and inspire and leave you feeling enlightened in love—no matter your politics, it’s a guaranteed treat.

Trivia! Did you know Mike Mills is married to one of my filmmaking idols, Miss Miranda July?!

Look for the review in Insite Atlanta's June issue!

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