Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Children: Big Success

WORTH-IT: This movie was a real delight to see. I don't know what I was actually expecting, but it included the idea of something dark, disturbing, and saddening. What I experienced was something beautiful, something genuine, and something enlightening. First of all, the film is a perfect mix of emotion that you can't help but compare to real life. I laughed out loud as much as I shifted to the edge of my seat, as much as I held my breath. It could have simply been a story about two people trying to blend into their stereotypical suburbia, but instead adapted to several themes of sex, lust, boredom, independence, and maternity. The bottom-line (stated by the narrator) was that where our past was forever going to be bad, the future was what mattered. All the characters' struggles are because of the past, and through their 'little children,' they see a brighter future. But underneath, the film is much more complex. It deals with sex, adultery, and violence, but if you can get past the graphics, the story can really take you deeper. Whether its your story or not, empathy plays a part. No one is really the bad guy, so you have to identify in your own mind (or heart) with the feelings of the character. Its an effort to paint the lives of ordinary people through this small town. So, see this movie. Appreciate it for its simplistict surface, but reach into its complex weave of personality and life. Let it affect you. Let it entertain you. And amidst it strong thematics, don't hold back your laughter.

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