Monday, May 14, 2007


WORTH-IT: (Gregory Hoblit) Fracture is an entertaining movie. The acting was great, the story was compelling, and the trickiness is awesome. As far as one of my favorite movies... it didn't make the cut. (Which is rare, but I am working on narrowing my scope). I was thoroughly entertained. I love Anthony Hopkins and he mastered this role, as his usual bad guy. Gosling I have developed a much deeper respect for and am excited to see him continue to pursue roles with this kind of depth. He did a wonderful job. I hated him and then was on his side, and was completely convinced each time. My confusion is that the twist to the story seemed obvious the whole time. Therefore I could not figure out whether we were supposed to have figured it out and the point was to simply enjoy watching Gosling's character suffer to figure it out, or if I just caught on early, in which case, it was way too obvious. Either way, I liked it for whichever it attempted to be and think it can appeal to anyone looking for a good courtroom drama mixed with a Hopkins-esque psycho defendant.

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