Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

WORTH-IT (Verbinski): The third installment of Disney's favorite franchise has been getting a lot of heat. Whether they complain it is too long, claim it was too confusing, or insist the ending was awful, everyone is finding something wrong with it. My suggestion is to get over that Part 3 wasn't the perfect ending you envisioned. First of all, you didn't write it, you didn't direct it, so basically, it isn't your movie to disapprove. Aside from those assumptions, I think Pirates 3 was a solid next chapter. Yes, the ending is foggy. Verbinski is quoted as saying they are leaving the ending open for a fourth, but not binding themselves to it. If we could all take a step back to early Disney movies... you'll remember that almost every one finished up with a happily ever after that we could re-visit for life. (Remember Aladdin 2, Little Mermaid 2, ETC.?) Fortunately, all the fantasy tales provide just that, a tale. NOT a lifetime time line. So, embrace Pirates 3 for what it leaves to our imagination, and appreciate that they MIGHT revisit Jack and friends come several years, to compensate the growing curiosity you were left with at world's end. 3 offers great humor, stronger characters, more digitalized wonder, and a special appearance by Keith Richards himself (the vision of Cap'n Jack). It's a long movie, rounding out at 3 hours, and it's a delicate weave of pirate code, myth, and water. But, it comes together in the end. Everything makes sense, and you spend many moments wanting to cheer on different guys. You never know who to trust, never know who to hate, and in the end, are left wanting more. So, take your thinking cap, and keep your eyes wide open. It's a vision of digital candy and an earful of witty one-liners, all thrown in with intricate story lines. Have fun with it!

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