Friday, May 25, 2007

Waitress: Don't Wait to see it

(Shelley) MUST-SEE: From this day forth, Keri Russell is in my book. I've never seen Felicity, so really only knew her for her bouncy curls and cutesy smile. Lord, underestimation of the year. She was great! She was quirky, funny, and convincing. (And that cutesy smile is only one of her many talented faces). Waitress surprised me. I expected the usual quirkiness of a Sundance flick, but it carried beyond that. Sure, it started slow, keeping us entertained by the "pie culture" of down-south somewhere, and the anti-maternal antics of Russell's character. And, of course, bringing Andy Griffith into the picture drew swarms of blue-hairs. (And his sour character was the one most loved). But the story, a predictable one, was intriguing and unique in its own sense. We knew what was going to happen, but we held on to watch Russell's Jenna tread her path. All of the characters made me feel their heartache. I shed tears. I laughed out loud. I identified. Shelley delivered a stellar film here, and I suggest it to all. I think men and women can both appreciate the humor and the heart of this film. It brings out the good and the ugly and it helps us to laugh and cry at both. Watch this film. It's transcendence is truly a pleasant surprise.

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