Monday, July 16, 2007

The Dreamers

WORTH-IT: Again, this film IS NOT for everyone. That said, and for those who can allow their minds to disassociate nudity and eroticism with porn, the movie is brilliant. Bertolucci introduces us to teen innocence hiding from the corrupting world. Based around the French student revolts of the 1970s, we witness three teens up against maturity, de-innocence, and the rule of authority. The teens we get to know are babies to the real world, yet want to feel important, and yet, want to remain protected in their innocence. The film is done beautifully through the eyes of naive brother and sister and their American house guest. You'll see plenty of skin and witness immense inappropriateness, but keep in mind the point: it is in these episodes their innocence shines. The characters are developed so well that we empathize with their belief in their actions and we want somehow to protect them as well. Set against an always flawless Parisian backdrop, these awakened teens probe out their fantastic discoveries of mind, body, and spirit with the aide of each other's prodding and the fear that world will close in on their innocence soon. I recommend the film to indy lovers... it's melancholy, eccentric mood enthralls the mind into a truly frank coming of age tale.

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