Monday, July 9, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard: and Die Laughing

WORTH-IT (Bay): I don't know how to persuade anyone to go see this movie. But you should! If you weren't a Die Hard fan from the start, you probably aren't pumped about it, and you probably won't end up seeing it. If you think action movies are for the most part predictable, then you're probably right. But, in the case of this sequel times three, I will try to make you forget those opinions, and help you to understand why this 4th installment will not only entertain you, but entrap you as a Die Hard appreciator. First, and foremost, know that this film is a COMEDY. Do not see it and criticise its action-movie credibility, it's ability to cast super-men and evil-villains, because at it's peak, it is hilarious. The casting to compliment this element: phenomenal. Bruce Willis brings forth the perfect emotionless good-guy/tough-guy to keep the world from ending via digital terrorist attack, unknowingly aided by Justin Long's perfectly posed dork-with-charm-and-asthma computer-whiz. The story is the relationship between the two. It's embellished with how many cars Willis's McLean can explode, how many people he can shoot, and how many rubber keyboards Justin Long can use to discover the perfect codes for unlocking the ruination of the nation. As you read this, you might have to take a breath by the end... as you will do so in the movie. Although, the writer brings the majority of those breaths in because you're chuckling to hard AND you're waiting to see if the semi Bruce drives over the crumbling bridge can will stay on all 18.

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