Friday, July 6, 2007

Paris Je t'aime: I Love You!

PHENOMENAL: Yep, there it is... the first of the 'phenomenals' since I enacted the grading system. But it is truly deserved. Paris is a fantastic montage of neighborhood love stories taking place in the 14 arrondissements of Paris. Each of 18 clips emerges out of the creativity of some of own favorite directors, including Craven, the Cohen Brothers, Natali, Van Sant, and so many more. Beloved stars pop up throughout the stories, including Maggie Gyllenhal, Natalie Portman, Willem Dafoe, Gena Rowlands, and Gerard Depardieu. (That is just a few). Each story is smartly told, beautifully portrayed, and adequately sympathetic towards Parisian love stories. It is not, by any means, one's typical love story. You'll see ne'er a stereotype, but plenty of cheating hearts, gushing blood, and even a little narcotics. All of it spells out each director's take on love in Paris, either laughing at the nickname "city of love" or debunking that myth for those who believe it. Don't expect a single plot, but instead, a single motif. It's love. It's truth. It's Paris in the eyes of those who have lived it, experienced it, and love it. Allow this movie to reiterate the infinite definitions of love for you. And enjoy as it reiterates why we all hold Paris high in our romantic spirits. You'll leave uplifted, humored, hopeful, relieved, and of course, in love. As Osacr Wilde says, Without love, you are dying, and death of the heart is the most painful way to go. These 18 directors have brought us reasons to be in love, ways to be in love, and reminders of why we are always looking for and wishing for love, whether it's the city, the story, or the heart you adore.

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