Thursday, July 5, 2007

La Vie en Rose: Edith Piaf Croons

PHENOMENAL: (Subtitled) La Vie en Rose captures the mind through ear and eye, taking its viewers on a tour of France and New York, along the trodden stage of cabaret to music hall star, Edith Piaf. In few words, I loved it! In fewer words, Fantastic! And, for the sake of my readers, in more words... La Vie en Rose is fun, emotional, and sensual. It takes its audience on a scenic tour of despair and hopelessness to freedom and success and back through broken roads of aching hearts and ailing spirits. We get to see a portrait of the chanteuse unique, Edith Piaf, as lived from birth. She suffered immensely, but her genuine talent and spunk wind her up on stage, singing for men and women, making her the picture of envy for all. But the film reveals many more parts to the prodigy's life. It paints the picture inside her head, masked by love, fame, and fortune. We watch her tarnish her own relationships, delude in her own fantasies, and eventually, dig her own grave. It's a bitter story, but one cured to tickle our curiosity and entertain our desires for the same longings we are taught to harness. Piaf is represented as a strong woman, misled, mistreated, and out to work for her own neck. This story of true determination, pride, and passion grips the spirit and educates the soul. Piaf is quoted as saying "I'll die when I can no longer sing." To feel that emotion, to understand that sincerity is to experience Edith Piaf. The movie is entertaining through her voice and her story and the life she forces others to live. It creates a phenomenal 2-hour portrait of a young woman out to prove worth and push limits. Definitely treat yourself to this film. It will be talked about.


Tim Rondeau said...

If you didn't know anything about Edith Piaf or her story before seeing the movie do you think it would be a little hard to follow? I heard it was a litle disjointed and confusing at times.

Lauren said...

I felt like parts of it were a little disjointed, and not knowing about her life other than she sang, I was somewhat confused at times. The acting, though, completely makes up for the confusion.