Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Lake House

ALMOST: Before judging me for even seeing this movie, understand it was a TV showing when no better offers were on the table. Saying that, you can rest easy knowing that, inevitably, Keanu Reeves delivers a fascinatingly dry appearance as a static, mono-emotion, flat character in this Sandra Bullock collaboration. Not that Sandra herself takes on the best roles for her once fabulous reputation, but she at least pulls off her roles to the best of her acting ability, and actually can evoke more than one emotion per character, and does in fact make more than one face to show those particular emotions. As for the flick, an interesting story. It's basically a time warped love story, magically linking two lovers, two years apart, teaching their minds to time their meeting perfectly in the year 2008. Don't get excited though, because the story is as far as the intrigue gets. The plot is confusing, to say the least. And with Keanu remaining the same throughout every scene, one is prone to lose track of which year we're in and what events go with what year. Although the confusion is enough to piss off any viewer wanting to see past the love story, you will find yourself caught up wanting to see how it ends. You won't be able to let it rest, because above the narrative value, or the flabby love story, you will seek the answer, will they find each other? Ha ha! So, not that I recommend you watch it, as KR is so painful to tolerate, but if you too find yourself with no better option, it's quite twisted and does actually evoke a little curiosity that will drive you through that vegging TV time spot.

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Tim Rondeau said...

I'm sorry that i forced you to feel the need to preface your blog everytime you see a bad movie. I truly apologize for being so rude before. Watch whatever you want. I see plenty of bad movies, I just try to avoid them at the theatre.