Sunday, August 19, 2007

Invasion: of the Generic Gene

ALMOST: Ok, anyone that endures this film must be ready to accept frail-pale Nicole Kidmann as a female Die Hard-Bruce Willis. Making a funny face? Exactly. Sorry Nicole, but seeing your bony phalanges turn a steering wheel of an exploded, burning car into car after car during a deadly car race up the underground parking deck to a helicopter pad, only after being stabbed in the heart by her six-year-old son to save her from a deadly sleep. Agh! So, the film was at best, enjoyably ridiculous. Yes, the storyline and the action keeps you entertained and visually delighted. The absurdity was over-the-top and the performances were straight out of the most generic end-of-the-world action/horror/suspense flick. Don't expect a phenomenal blockbuster, or an updated take on The Bodysnatchers, think again, and save your money. If you're dying to see it, wait to pay the $3 rental, rather than the $8 theatre price. As I would understand, some people are going to see it no matter what, just be ready for an overwhelming let-down when the story winds up happily ever after, after a generic pitfall of a science fiction classic.


Tim Rondeau said...

How do you even hear about these movies, much less pay 8 bucks to see them? I'm shocked that you went to the theatre to watch this when you haven't seen Superbad or The Simpsons.

Kathleen said...

Well said Yin. However, I still give it a "Questionable." I'm still wishing I could get those 2 hours of my life back. Entertaining, but yes unavoidably ridiculous. I will give the little boy a 2 thumbs up just for the adorable little grin he would flash from time to time.