Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stardust: Stellar Work

MUST SEE: Again, I find myself underestimating a film. What I thought would be a feminine fantasy lost for credibility was overturned into a fantastic and smart-wit film composed of phenomenal characters and intriguing plot. It has been a long time since such a successful movie was made. (Think Wizard of Oz meets Harry Potter). Combine light-hearted comedy with endearing characters and a quaint love story and you have Stardust, the best fantasy film since my pre-teen years. Bottom-line should be that this is just a solid film, a great story, and an entertaining two hours. It's the kind of story you never want to see end, the type of characters you feel like you know, and the genre of humor that keeps you chuckling long after the jokes been had. And don't think this is a chick-flick, or a kid's movie. The theatre was packed with viewers of both genders, and from age 12 to 82. All can laugh and appreciate the same jokes and feel the same emotion, and with an unforgettable dance performance by Robert DeNiro as Captain Shakespeare, can all leave overjoyed to have spent money and time on such a flick. DO your mind a favor and treat yourself to this film. It won't disappoint! At least, you'll laugh and your eyes can feast upon it's magic. Let yourself loose from the world as you know it, and travel beyond the wall into a fantastic realm of witches, lightening pirates, stars and more.

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