Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Double Life of Veronique

ALMOST (Krsysztof Kieslowski): I don't have a lot to say about this film. I was terribly intrigued by its recommendation, and equally excited to test out a new director (writer/director of The Three Colors: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge). Unfortunately, what I found was a terribly boring film. What is supposed to be the story of a girl whose spirit lives in two people, becomes one mushy blend of the same girl, a flat and solemn musician. The film is overall dark (visually UN-stimulating) and slow. Hardly any pivotal characters leave the entire plot drive on this poor female star, who does a fabulous job of taking on two girls, but actually delivers one synonymous role as a girl who sings with her mouth incredibly wide open. The music is droning, the mood is low-key and to be honest, it took two tries to get through the whole thing. Now for those of you that enjoy this director, be my guest to watch it, and I wish you better experiences. I hope to never deter anyone from any film, but simply offer what the film lacked in its jaunt towards success. I'm a lover of French films, and as a whole, foreign films, but this one let me down tremendously. The drama wasn't convincing, and the plot dragged. Maybe a little diversity in character development could have sent it on its way. Better luck to other viewers!

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