Monday, July 30, 2007


PHENOMENAL: I'll say it was hard not to give this movie a Phenomenal, but in keeping with the scale, I feel like I made my point here. Once is actually phenomenal though, in the adjective sense. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I dare you to have expectations going in, because they will shatter. First and foremost, the music is strong. From the first notes in the first scene, the voice of the main character reaches deep into your heart. Later on, the music becomes so overwhelmingly emotional, I felt as though it was meant for me. A particular duet, uniquely powerful, and sung in the back of a music store brought literal tears to my eyes with its honesty and beauty. But, in an effort to praise the film, alongside the soundtrack, the story is surprisingly quaint and cleverly humorous. It is charmingly realistic, shedding believable light on a common story. The characters in this film, playing themselves, were outstanding. Their dialects funny and witty, their lines scripted beautifully. I am telling you that this movie cannot be missed. It satisfies musical, scriptural, and schematic needs within film, making this movie far more an experience than a form of entertainment. Be ready to love these characters, feel their turmoil, and embrace their music.

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