Monday, July 30, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

MUST-SEE: Up from the depths of hardly-released, almost-forgotten, and extremely-underrated films, comes Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Do not miss seeing this film. Of all the artful cinematic films I have seen lately, this Pink Panther/Pulp Fiction genre proved light-hearted and bloody and witty enough to rank just as high in credibility, if not even higher in entertainment. It is packed with phenomenal dialogue, hilarious wit, and perfect characters. Of the scant 7 in the theatre with me, no one was left silent. We were roaring, biting our lip, and clapping at the pure genius that went into making this film what it is. Don't underestimate it! Homophobes, Kilmer is not what you expect. Prudes, it's too clever not to appreciate. Film snobs, it carries strong dialogue, plot, and characters throughout, signing it up as the most credible mainstream flick I've seen since viewing the two I compared. There's plenty of blood and guns to acquiesce the bad-guy, wit and humor to tease the comedian, and a somewhat (depends on your outlook) happy ending to appease the stereotypical viewer. Go get this film! Delight your mind!

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