Monday, July 30, 2007

Golden Door: Golden Accomplishment

WORTH-IT: I must say this film was an obvious attempt at the director to exude his talents onscreen, but despite that frankness, his talents proved worth the show, and the film succeeded all of my expectations! It begins like a movie out of the 50s, slow, quiet and solemn. We witness the flight of one Italian family from their barren homeland across the sea to America. A typical storyline, this film stands out as one describing the mindset of the travelling family. It depicts their struggles along the way, never actually making it to their existence in America. Because of this point of view, we delve into the details of seaward travel. Here the movie ascends into a modernistic abstract motif as the hopes of the Italians are illustrated by seas of milk and fields of gigantic vegetables. At times, the film reaches a comedic level, forcing laughs out of a drastic situation. All in all, the movie was enjoyable. Its variety kept me on my toes, and delivered entertainment despite the monotony of the story. Although slightly disconnected between its quarrelling genres (comedy, romance, abstract) it wraps as a unique story of one told umpteen times. Characterization is done well, scenery seems realistic, and the story is relatable. It views like a surprisingly good book reads. Give it a chance, and let its story educate you and open your mind.

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