Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Factory Girl

MUST-SEE: (Hickenlooper) Never before has over the top eye make-up, fake fur, and enormous dangling earrings made such an impression for a life that was lived too fast, but too short. The portrait of Edie Sedgewick as she evolved out of art school into a world controlled by Andy Warhol is the gut of Factory Girl. An adorable Sienna Miller superbly plays the waif Sedgewick capturing a rare and raw emotion amidst what appears a glamorous lifestyle. The film carries us well from her rebellion from art school, through her curious and innocent explorations of New York, all the way to her downfall; a naked and bruised body enclosing a tormented and aching soul. Miller does a fantastic job at conquering each characteristic of a true Edie. Her style and her accent truly reflects the trendsetter and outlandish persona Edie carried. As for the film, the casting is perfect, the depiction of The Factory was convincing, and the overall tone evoked a creepiness that made her destruction even more tragic. The script remains true to Edie's heart, borderline exploiting Warhol and gripping the audience in her favor. The credits run alongside an audio/visual montage of past friends and family speaking on the essence of Edie. All in all, the film was enlightening, saddening, and inspiring. If you can move your heart past the drugs and past the sadness, you will experience a phenomenal story of one of the greatest trendsetters and art icons of our recent history.

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