Thursday, October 11, 2007


MUST-SEE: This latest Sienna Miller flick has definitely put her on my radar for good. With her successful performances in Stardust and Factory Girl and now Interview, she has proven herself (to me) a notable actress. Interview, Steve Buscemi's creation (wrote and directed by), revisits an oldie and makes it a modern day creepy and realistic illustration of the out-of-the-loop political reporter and hot new actress interview. The bottom line is that Miller's Katya, knocks him off his political high horse and making his condescending point of view null and void. At only 86 minutes, this short glimpse into one night of lust and secrets sprinkled with booze and lying delivers an immensely entertaining story of an unlikely interview. Buscemi plays with your mind, incessantly tricking you with who is the good guy, who is the poor guy, and who deserves your sympathy. The relationship that evolves out of the two's contact is mesmerizing, taking an unrealistic chance and creating a sugared nightmare. The film combines emotions of love, hate and loneliness into one giant ball of doubt, mistrust and hope. It's a myriad of possibilities that holds you until the end, I mean the very very end, in picking whose side you want to be on and if you should take a side at all.

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