Thursday, October 11, 2007

Black Snake Moan

MUST-SEE: You have go to see this movie! BSM is the story of a hurting man (Jackson) wanting to prove his worth and cure all women from their evil. God gives him this opportunity when Ray (Ricci) winds up near-dead outside his driveway. Upon realization that she is the town's sex-addict, he vows to cure her from his own living room. The story gets typical with the inevitable friendship that grows between the two, but the accompanying story lines make this film one worth seeing. The excitement of the plot extends beyond the two, into ta web of townspeople out to judge and spy. This film throws together religion, comedy, moral, and music to make a truly entertaining story of an aging man in need of worth and a maturing girl in need of a wake-up call. Back to the typical: They hint at saving one another, but the pull for your attention stems from the unlikely angles this writer takes on trust, love and vulnerability. I laughed out loud, grooved to the guitar blues, and even shed a tear for the genuine sentiment released. Overall, it's a sad story, but one that can empathize with emotions across the board. It'll inspire you to befriend even the most unlikely person and teach you to trust you heart in matters of the soul.

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