Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good Luck Chuck

WORTH IT: Another Dane Cook performance well worth your time if you are a Dane Cook fan. I am not yet convinced he is a seasoned or credible actor, but the roles that allow his personality to play the part have been consistently fabulous. In Good Luck Chuck, he plays a man whom women believe is their ticket to finding true love. With tons of unnecessary nudity and karma sutra lessons, he learns his situation may not be so satisfying, especially when the one girl he loves doesn't want to be a part. Helped along by Murphy's Law burdened Jessica Alba, the comedy is gentle and steady throughout the movie. It'll keep you laughing amidst the grimaces (for crudeness) and appreciating Cook's flair. Don't expect anything special, but if you like crude humor and Dane Cook (and Jessica Alba), this one promises to fulfill each of these silly vacancies.

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Carole said...

I think it was a good movie for Dane Cook to be the main character. It fits his crude and consistently funny personality. I would never say it was a "good movie" though. Its one of those that you go see on a whim, like we kind of did. I wish we would have gone to see the George Clooney one instead. I guess thats next on the list!