Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eastern Promises

WORTH-IT: Wow, what a great film. Mix Godfather and History of Violence, and you get Cronenberg's Eastern Promises: a phenomenal account of a Russian mob family desperately trying to cover up tragic family secrets. Naomi Watts blends well into a scene of dirty and tatted Russian crimesters, posing as an innocent nurse fighting for the life of a newborn. As she tries to locate the family to deliver the child, she uncovers the dark secrets of the biggest crime family in the town. She finds herself and her family mixed up in the issues, but with a passionate heart, cannot let go. Viggo Mortensen plays an irreplaceable role as the family's honorary brother/driver/undertaker. As an expert processor and sleazy cohort to the Big Man's son, Viggo plays the icy, unfeeling role of Nikolai flawlessly. Even having his member flop around for an entire fight scene doesn't budge his focus on and dedication to this role. I'm convinced of his threat, mesmerized by his build, and attached to the glimmer of heart he hints at throughout. Prepare yourself for gruesome murder and graphic tragedy, but allow it to reach beyond the eyes, so that it pierces your soul. It's a sad story, suspenseful and twisted, and guaranteed to entertain. My only complaint is the anti-climactic tone playing throughout. Much happens over the 2-hour course, but rarely anything to prepare us for resolution. See this film, but expect blood, drugs and nudity.

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