Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Enchanted: A Happy Ending

MUST-SEE: Right off the bat, I know some of you are rolling your eyes or scoffing at the rating I give Enchanted. But heed my words and slow your tendencies to disregard, because this hilarious and perfectly over-the-top SPOOF on some of everyone's favorite Disney fairy tales is beyond any expectation I could have had. The story is the journey of an animated fair maiden (Amy Adams) destined to marry her sing-song prince (on the morning after they met), but instead is pushed into a well that lands her in the real New York City, by the evil stepmother (a sultry Susan Sarandon). Landing under the care of Robert (McDreamy) and his daughter, she barely misses a beat of Cinderella as she transitions into a world not meant for happy endings. Above all, the humor prevails. McDreamy faces Adams's constant urge to break out into song, her instinct to make a new dress out of his curtains each day, and her ability to summon all walks of life through the window of his apartment to help cook and clean. The screen is filled with laughter, ruffles and a spunky chipmunk that please the eyes of children, but the wit and satirical take on Disney makes this one a happy ending for adults too. Expect to finally be given a reason to laugh out loud at Cinderella's naivete, scoff at Snow White's furry following, and appreciate the outlandish plot for being a stretch beyond reality's boundary. It's funny, it's pretty, and might even make you want to sing your way out of the theater.

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Tim Rondeau said...

Was that opening sentence directed at me?