Wednesday, November 28, 2007

American Gangster

MUST-SEE: (Ridley Scott) What was proclaimed as the season's most violent gangster film may be more appropriate and welcomed as the season's most surprisingly entertaining gangster movie. For one, the violence rarely steals the direction of this script. Secondly, phenomenal acting flows out of every character, leaving no dull moments and certainly no monotony. American Gangster is a truly gripping tale of the infamous drug king, Frank Lucas. He was Harlem's finest, giving to the poor, loving his family, and selling the cheapest and finest "Blue Magic" cocaine in town. The film reveals the journey Lucas underwent to manufacture his magic, played tremendously by Denzel Washington, keeping the story dripping directly from his emotions, inevitably making it hard to root against him. Opposite a flawless Denzel is the equally impressive Russell Crowe. A divorced father to one and a too-good-for-his-own-good cop, Crowe adds a genuine intelligent naivety to the underground drug war. Black-balled by a corrupt police force for his good intentions, he finds a position He masters a white Harlem accent, looks the part of a no-good divorcee, and emphasizes his heart for justice that leaves that fence you'll be riding harder to get off of. From Scott, who brought you Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, Gangster is never slow, always focused, and completely raw. It applies to a vast audience, whether you go to see Denzel, Russell, the historical values, or the intense story. Don't miss this movie.

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