Friday, December 14, 2007

The Golden Compass

WORTH-IT: The Golden Compass stars two of today's Aussie stars (Kidman and Craig) alongside raging ice Bears, Western Sky Fliers (Sam Elliot), mischievous children, magical witches, and an authoritative Monastery. The bottom-line here is that there is probably even more going on in this movie, but that is all I can remember. It is the first installment of an infamous trilogy, based on the anti-religion novels of Phillip Pullman. At base-level, it is simple that, a first installment. The entire film is a build up for what we don't know is going to happen. It's two hours of introducing characters, proving character's strength, and loosely brushing over the suggestion that organized religion is going to take over our souls. The Golden Compass is worth going to see though, first and foremost because of the havoc Pullman's motive has caused, but ultimately, because this film's special effects and eye popping visual stimulation are phenomenal. Never has a bear spoke with such frightful sincerity. Never has a witch seemed more enchanting. The storyline, although incomplete, offers a substantial amount of entertainment... enough to make me say I enjoyed the movie. And, I will say in defense for screen writers, the film has the ability to stand apart from the religious antics the book doses. Without the knowledge of Pullman's works, or the inability to separate fictional entertainment from everyday politics, this film can simply be taken as entertaining eye candy. Enjoy. I'll see the next.

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