Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Mama

WORTH-IT: (Michael McCullers) My number one rule about going to see movies is having no expectations. Enter every viewing with simply the mind to embrace the work put before you by an in-depth team of creative artists, and find entertainment through their medium. Whether or not you enjoy the genre set before you is your own thing, but putting something up to your own expectations seems unfair. That said, I will admit that everyone usually has an idea of the film's value thanks to our world of previews. And, when I went to see Baby Mama, I had formulated expectations off those previews. Obviously, I did expect to laugh, but I also had prepared myself to leave untouched emotionally, a common occurrence with comedic over-the-top parodies of real life. Fortunately for me, Baby Mama exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was this a good (and realistic) story, but it carried emotion as deep as the jokes were funny. And they were funny! Poehler and Fey carry this film the entire way, acting with a chemistry that is evident and appreciated on screen. Poehler's audacity and blunt inappropriateness clash beautifully with Fey's neurotic obsessions with healthy food and conservativeness. They bring opposite worlds and personalities together to help each grow in a new way. There is never a dull moment in the movie, and when you aren't cracking up, it is because the real-life storyline requires attention from your emotions, altogether making it one successful mesh and comedy, romance, and feel-good. Bravo SNL, this is one of your best.

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