Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

WORTH-IT: (Tim Burton) It doesn't take much to really get excited about this film. Simply remind yourself that it's Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter slicing throats, making pies of men and doing so singing in a so-very-merry tune. The absurdity will make you laugh out loud, but the candor allows you to fully engage in a story that is as much told by its demonic melodies as it is by honest emotion. The aforementioned dynamic pair gives this film its due credibility and an impossibility factor in disappointment. What it does lack is good editing, so beware the fight to hear lyrics within the songs. Despite the sound flaw, the story carries on with Depp-coined expressions and tone, Bonham Carter personality and a round of appearances by favorites like Sasha Baron Cohen and Alan Rickman. Costume and cinematography pair for a phenomenal job in creating a monochromatic London through scruffy men and dirty women who walk Fleet Street, and production follows suit making the entire film a duotone coloring book for bits and pieces of implied emotion. Basically, Sweeny Todd offers a goody bag of artistic flair, whether its through the characters, cinematography or the personality. Enjoy Depp as a singing demon, applaud his partner for her outstanding ability to remain the most believably unbelievable character, and credit Burton and Co. for another frightful fairy tale.

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Carole said...

i like your wording in this one, jen. "goodie bag of artistic flare" and "frightful fairy tale"
...havent seen the movie, however